Die besten Sprüche der Ring*Con 2004
Frage an Billy: Which sort of hair was used for the hobbit-feed ?
Antwort: I don`t know. I think it was human hair. Hair of people who decided to have shorter hair, not from dead people. We didn`t kill anyone ...
Craig Parker: That`s a cool question ... that`s a really cool question.
Mark Ferguson: We just wait for the cool answer !
Sandro Kopp: In Neuseeland ist es kein großer Deal, wenn du in der Trilogie mitgespielt hast. Wenn du zu einem Neuseeländer sagst "I have played in the trilogy !"antwortet er dir: "I am. As same as my dad, my daughter, my friend, our neighbeirs, the three people, walking down the street ... " .
Fan: Could you please sing Pippin`s Song in RotK ?
Billy: No. I forgot the text !
Fan: I´ve got the text right here.
Billy: Mmm...  I forgot the tune !
Bernard Hill: When we worked on a film in Africa, I was really scared of the animals. There were cockroaches (Kakerlaken), as big as cats !
Fan zu Billy: Pippin is good, but Billy is better !
Frage an Billy: How of the actors inspired you most ?
Antwort: Inspired me? I think, kind of, everyone inspires you in some way.You have a kind of connection... so many.. for different reasons. The way that Elijah deals with his fame I think is incredible. He's such a grounded, beautiful man. Viggo with how kind of artistic he is. Dom with .. what a humorous, lovely person he is. So many different people for different things that it would be hard to pick one out. I've met some very special people on this film!
Fan: I´ve got two questions to you !
Billy: Okay, I´ve got two answers !
Fan: I`m so excited. I`m scared !
Billy: I am scared, too.
Fan: Could you show us your tattoo ?
Billy: Elijah's shown it. Ian McKellen has shown it. We have a list of The Fellowship and every time someone shows it they get knocked off! 
So there's only seven in The Fellowship! And also I'd need to take off my shoe - and my shoes are stinking!
Fan: What was the most challenging scene for you ?
Bernard:Every scene with Viggo. Working with Viggo is a pain. Because Viggo is a pain to work with. He has an opinion about everything. He never shuts up, and as far as I know, noone has ever convinced him he’s wrong.  
Frage: Do you have any plans for the next time ?
Thomas: Yeah, next year ...  October...  Ring*Con 2005 !
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